Your Card Remote Control.

Card Switch Mobile Application

Your Card Remote Control

The Customer Centric Application:

Control Switch

Switch ON or OFF your Card
Channel Switch
Merchant Switch
Location Switch
Spending Limit Switch

Alert Switch by

    Transactions by Channel
    By card Settlement
    By credit card used limit (%)

Statement Switch

Tag transaction as Business or Personal
Add a note and capture receipt
Email receipt to accounting department for corporate expenses

Analytics Switch

Comparative tool by Channels
Comparative tool by Merchant Category
Comparative tool by Period

Card Switch Mobile Application is available for:

  • IOS Smartphones
  • Android Smartphones
  • Framework Application


  • Seamless integration with all types of CMS and Banking Apps
  • No customization required
  • End to End encryption
  • ISO 8583 compliant

Card Switch Backend:

“On Behalf of Service tool” for Banks’ call center departments.

Call Center departments can service all cardholders, control & manage their cards via Card Switch Backend system.

All Switch Controls available on Card Switch Application are also available on Card Switch Backend and much more.

Application screens

Demo Video